Arrest Warrant 1770

At Drumfries the Tenth day of November

One thousand seven hundred and seventy years

In the Complaint and Information given in and

presented to John Goldie of Craigmuie Esquire Deputy

Vice Admiral for the bounds betwixt the South side of the

Water of Cree in Galloway and the Border of England

by Robert Maxwell in Clonyard of Buittle against

John Paul Master or Commander of the Brigantine

John of Kirkcudbright The said Vice Admiral Deputy

Gave the following Warrand or Deliverance ~ The

Vice Admiral Deputy having considered the before written

Signed Information and Complaint Grants warrand to

Messenger at Arms,

Officers of Vice Admirality, Stewart Officers & Constables of the

Stewartry of Kirkcudbright and all other officers of the law to

search for & apprehend the person of John Paul Master or Captain

of the Ship or vessel called the John of Kirkcudbright wherever he

can be found within the bounds of his Deputation; and being

Apprehended ordains him to be imprisoned in the Tolbooth of

Dumfries or Kirkcudbright whichever of them shall be nearest

when he is apprehended therein to remain until he be tried for

the crime set forth in the Information and Complaint or be other-

-ways liberated in due course of Law. And the Magistrates of the

said Burghs and the Keepers of their Tolbooths are hereby required

and warranted to receive and retain the person of the said John

Paul accordingly. And further warrand is hereby granted to

summon the whole Sailors on board the said vessel the John

of Kirkcudbright and such other persons as the said John Paul or

they may have conversed with since the arrival of the said vessell

in the port of Kirkcudbright, to appear before John Kirkpatrick

of Raeberry, William Gordoune of Campbelton and James Laurie

of Barnsoul Justices of the Peace for the said Stewartry or any

two or one of them, to whom warrand is hereby granted to

Examine, upon Oath if they find it necessary, the said Sailors

and other persons in relation to what they know concerning

the said John Paul’s guiltiness of the Crime set forth in the

said Information, at Kirkcudbright any of the lawful days

of November current. But before the said John Paul shall be

imprisoned he is to be carried before any of the said three Justices

of the Peace to be by them or any two or one of them Examined

concerning what is alledged who will cause take his Declaration

down in writing to be signed by him and them. Given at

Drumfries the Tenth day of November One thousand seven

hundred and seventy years (Signed) Jo Goldie. Extracted

by ~ Samuel Clark.


John Paul Jones arrest warrant Kirkcudbright Sheriff Court records. Courtesy of the National Archives of Scotland. Reference SC16285