Board of Trustees

Foundation Mission & Goals

The purpose of our Trust is to ensure the preservation of his birthplace cottage, to keep it open for the benefit of the public good and to establish a small collection of objects, pictures and documents relevent to his life.

To this end the Cottage is managed by a small group of voluntary trustees

  • Through the fundraising efforts of dedicated members and supporters of John Paul Jones Birthplace Museum Trust the goal of creating a museum to the memory of John Paul Jones and preserving the cottage birthplace of this remarkable man has been achieved.
  • In order to protect this achievement for the future the Trustees are now seeking to establish funds which will guarantee an income to offset the annual running costs and ensure the long term preservation of the cottage. These annual financial committments are modest but unfortunately they presently exceed the income derived from visitors and other fundraising activities.
  • Please see the accompanying financial statement of our affairs.
  • Our target is to create through your generosity, an investment fund sufficient to offset the annual deficit and support our activities and allow visitors to enjoy the evocative atmosphere of the cottage and marvel at the life story of John Paul Jones for many years to come.
  • Please note that all our Trustees are voluntary and unpaid and 100% of your donation will be used to assist in keeping the birthplace Cottage open to the public.

 Our Trustees are:  Alfred Hannay (Acting as Chairman), Alice Rourke, Alistair Alcock, Jamie Blackett, Dr. James Bliss, JD, USA, Glen Murray

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